The current cost for renting Swann Lake Stables is $4200. This will include access to stables from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. on day before event for set up and 8:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. on the day of your event. This rental fee only includes rental for 1 event (i.e. you cannot have your rehearsal dinner at Swann Lake Friday and then have your wedding at Swann Lake on Saturday).
*NOTE* This rental cost does not include the rentals of tables and chairs, valet or the portable restroom that is required.

  • Vendor Details: You may bring any beverages you like and use your choice of licensed caterer.
  • Any photographer, florist, band or DJ is also welcomed.
  • Requirements: Security, Valet Parking, Portable Restroom and Rentals must all be contracted with our exclusive vendors through Mariée Ami Wedding Planning Studio.  (The portable restroom is needed due to the stables having only one restroom.)  A 50% deposit is due on these services with in 3 months of booking the venue.  The remaining balance is due one month before the event.
  • Security is $25 an hour starting with the time of the event and ending when the last person leaves Swann Lake Stables.  Totally at $100
  • Restroom Trailer: $1300
  • Rentals: Mariée Ami will sit down with the client after a signed contract is received and draw up a possible floor plan. Mariée Ami will get the rental quote based off of this floor plan. They will adjust the plan one month before the wedding to insure the client has the correct rentals for things such as (chairs, tables, lighting, dance floor, etc.)
                        *Swann Lake has 200 mahogany bamboo chairs available for rent for $3.75 each.
  • Valet (the riding arena is used for valet. If the wedding ceremony takes place in the riding arena, these prices do not apply)
    • 75 or less people:  $300
    • 75-100 people:  $400
    • 100-150 people:  $625
    • 151-200 people:  $725
    • 201-250 people: $860
    • 251-300 people: $1100

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